PopNed transformed our broadcasting network from zero to hero. At first, our team doubted because they work in the same field as ours. But they delivered what they promised to do. Our broadcasting network used to find cheap website traffic so difficult, but after working with them, it became so blissful.
Radio Producer
We’ve been struggling to the point that we already lost hope. The broadcasting industry is tricky and needless to mention, a difficult industry to be in. But we have dedicated journalists who will be losing their job, so we sought help. We found PopNed. They taught us valuable techniques and management approaches in dealing with financing issues and more. Today, we are back on our feet.
Radio Manager
I can say that they just transformed how broadcasting networks should interact with one another. In a dog eats dog world, it’s almost impossible to find a friend. PopNed changed the mentality in broadcasting networks. We should not fight against each other, but we should work together to reach the same goals. Working them is so liberating and educating. Thank you PopNed.
Production Staff
Their system integration services worked in wonders for my company. The issues we’ve been dealing with daily have been removed in an instant. Our network became stable which resulted in more happy viewers and fewer complaints.
Tech Support
My team is thankful to PopNed. They are truly the experts of broadcasting systems. Our team never find it difficult to reach someone when we have questions or when we needed help. Once you are part of their circle, they will be there for you in times you needed them the most.
Production Manager