Cyber Attacks: Media and Broadcasting Industry are Not Exempted

Cyber attacks are too common nowadays. It’s frustrating to know that even big corporations cannot prevent cyber attacks from harming their organization. It’s no surprise that the media and broadcasting industry are not exempted to these kinds of attacks. But no matter how rampant they are, there are ways to prevent them and minimize the damage these attacks may cause.


Who is behind these attacks?

If you are a broadcasting company that tackles some inconvenient truths, you might make some enemies along the way. Your enemies could simply hire a hacker from the deep dark web. The payment or investment they have to make is as little as cheap hotels in Amsterdam square. This is prevalent today because as we said before, the rules of the game have changed. We are playing the game of trust. Your enemy knows that they need to break your reputation.

There are two major actors:

Sponsored APT Groups (Advanced Persistent Threat)

There are some organizations or individuals who don’t want the truth to spread. They don’t want to be exposed. So they steal your resources which may work as evidence against them. They’ll do whatever it takes to cover their tracks in Amsterdam famous sights and the zoo. Remember to be careful who you let in and out in your organization. APT groups are hard to distinguish. They are professional and are heavily sponsored.

Malvertising (Using your platform to victimize web users)

Online criminals could be any individual who knows how the internet works. Malvertising enables them to lure their victims who are visiting your website and grow traffic. Malvertising comes with many faces. It could be an email or a link containing promo codes. Online criminals will create curiosity to drive their victims to click. Once they succeeded, they can get valuable information which they could use against their victims.

Prevent Cyber Attacks from Penetrating Your System at All Cost

Cyber attacks are prevalent. They are not going to diminish for years to come. The government tried to interfere with the situation, but still can’t eliminate these attacks for good. Make online security one of your priorities. Hire a specialized team if you must.

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  1. Emilia says:

    Cyber attacks are very common. The most effective way to combat these is getting the best security tool available.

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