Broadcasting Underrated Roles

camera man

Being in the broadcasting industry first thing that comes to mind is being a news anchor, being the person who appears on tv and being the face of the station, and delivering current events. There are also some underrated roles which as important as the news anchor.

Studio Engineer

The job is technical and it involves the handling of equipment like lighting, audio console, and camera. Without studio engineers, we couldn’t have good audio and visuals quality.

News Writer

The news writer is the one who prepares the news which is read by the news anchor and must have an excellent writing skill. Contrary to the belief of many, news writer is not the news anchor, but in a smaller market news anchors may also be responsible to write news for their daily broadcast.

Video Editor

A video editor receives and edits all raw footage used during a newscast. They are typically located on-site, but can also be in the field with the Reporter editing from the station van. They can make Amsterdam bike rental as a prestigious activity. Without them, the news or program will be bland and boring.


They are the ones who check all the facts and validates the reports before being passed to the news writers. If they need any information about a topic, for example, Amsterdam top sightseeing spot. They could get all the information from various sources and giving that information to the news writers.

Sales Manager

The broadcasting industry is a business and must generate revenues through advertising sales. Since almost all the revenue comes from advertisements. The Sales Manager has the responsibility of recruiting and developing a strong sales staff and must know market trends and their target audience.


The news director is responsible for controlling what reporters read in the news. He or she has to sort out the most important news and select which has the most relevant and has the most impact on the listener in Amsterdam city trip. The music director is responsible for maintaining the station’s music library and receives new recordings from record labels.

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