About Us

How It All Began

PopNed started as a small broadcasting company catering to limited locations in the Netherlands. From there, we established a TV channel featuring wholesome shows and segments. We had good fruitful years until digital streaming became prevalent. We knew that if we don’t ride with the tides of change, we will eventually sink. Today, PopNed is still standing. We learned to adapt to the changing market without sacrificing our ideals and values. We are still learning and evolving. With our vision to provide wholesome entertainment to every home, PopNed remains true in our purpose. We believe that media is a big factor for our country’s future. It is a tool to bring people together, inspire the new generation to be better than we are, and shed hope in dark situations that our nation is facing at present. PopNed has all the reasons to stay and do what we do best.

The PopNed Revolution

PopNed has been in the business for decades. We’ve seen how broadcasting companies and TV networks fight against each other just to get higher ratings. We’ve seen how this mindset made us so lost. We lost our vision to always pursue truth over our personal gains. For this reason, we formed the PopNed Revolution. PopNed is creating networks of journalists, TV companies, and broadcasting agencies to create unity and harmony. In this revolution, we are coming back to our first love. And that is to provide helpful shows and segments to cultivate a healthy and better society.

From Broadcasting Shows to System Integration Services

In line with our PopNed Revolution, we are now providing system integration services. We help other broadcasting companies and TV networks to solidify their system. By exploring other technologies and new opportunities, we can help struggling networks. We saw the need for experts in the area of system integration especially that technology is moving fast-paced. PopNed is one of the first broadcasting/TV channel who ventured in this type of service. Our expertise on the subject can turn dire situations of networks into an opportunity for improvement.