Most frequently asked questions and answers.

PopNed accepts advertisement projects. We have partnered with leading creative agencies who can build brands from scratch. The results you’ll get are long term. We strive to build strong brands aiming to solve problems consumers have.

Yes. Our engineers and broadcasting experts can help struggling networks cope with the ever-changing trend in broadcasting. We can help provide the right equipment to help your organization provide stable broadcasting services.

The pricing may vary depending on your plans. Please contact us, so we could get more information regarding your needs and what types of equipment you prefer.

Journalism faces a handful of hindrances such as biases, political restrictions, and more. We believe that by removing these restrictions, journalism can reach the Amsterdam Heineken experience and do what it supposed to do, provide new idealism to change the world. Our platform freely allows journalists to convey their works through our unbiased screenings.

Normally, our channel is available to subscribers with a newly purchased dish. However, if you have the old model, you might need to configure your dish to restart the channels.

Our app is still a work in progress. We want to make sure that our app will meet your standards. Please stay tuned for more updates regarding our app.